More random Indian photos of the day.

Our very brief stay in India is drawing to a close and we’re preparing to make our way onwards to Vietnam.

There’s been many highlights for us here. The people, the scenery and the food have all been great.

We did the pretty standard tourist thing and got a driver to take us on a Rajasthan loop, staying in some pretty interesting old hotels along the way, including a gorgeous old palace overlooking the lake in Udaipur.

The driver was great, although his English was very limited and we didn’t get much out of him, most questions were met with a smile, a head wobble and deafening silence.

Shepherd: We came across this fellow and his flock of goats on the road between Jodhpur and Ranakphur.

Saree: This woman had washed out a saree and was busily folding it up when we passed her in Jodhpur.

Bicycle: A quiet spot outside of Jaipur.

Watching the world go by in Jodhpur.

Going Home: I don’t think we’ll be doing the shopping this way when we get home.

More shopping going home.

The Blue city: Jodphur views from the fort walls.

Jodhpur back street.

On their way to school one morning. ” Can we take a photo?”……Answer…”No”..

Blue wall, green window and spotted cow, Jodhpur.

The local shop.

Waiting: India can be frantically busy, but occasionally you can come across a quiet corner.

Passing by. Just about to take a shot of the nice old door when this fellow strode across infront of us.

Keeping watch: We came across this group outside their home in Udaipur, watching the world go by as the sun set.


All photos copyright Ross Duncan:



19 thoughts on “More random Indian photos of the day.

    • Thanks Kyla. We are in Vietnam now and enjoying it, the only problem is the Viet Govt have blocked access to both wordpress and facebook, so we may not be able to put up any posts with any regularity. Fingers crossed.

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