About us.

Thanks for stopping by our blog.

We are Annie and Ross, a couple of fifty-something downsizing Australians. We’ve done the whole rat-race thing for the time being, the kids, Sebastian, Oliver and Hamish, have grown up to be fine young independent men and have their own lives now, so we’re off to South-East Asia for a break. Hoping to live the dream!!!

Food, culture, heat, adventure, swimming, travel.      It’s all in front of us now.

After 18 years in Sydney we’ve decided to start our break with a couple of weeks chilling out in Bangkok before heading to the delightful coastal city of George Town, Penang, listed in 2008 as a Unesco world heritage site and located in the Malacca Straits off the coast of Malaysia.

Famous for hawker stalls and street food, we will be in foodie heaven.

We first visited Penang in 2007 as part of a whirl-wind flit around Malaysia and soon came to the conclusion that it would make an ideal base to explore all that South-East Asia has to offer.

Close to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with it’s own international airport it offers everything we are looking for, expat friendly, fantastic locations and the great food is another bonus.

We hope you drop by often and visit our blog to see what we’ve been up to.

He…. loves Annie and his boys. Enjoys photography, cooking and travel. ……..hates spiders!!!

She…loves Rossco and the her children – lovingly referred to as the “Buzzies“,  Enjoys the odd frozen margarita, is on the search for the “holy grail” of the perfect dumpling and assam laksa !!



Here we are on the lovely island of Gili Trawangan


27 thoughts on “About us.

  1. I lived in Indonesia for a few year, and spend some time on GT many years ago. Enjoy your trip, SEA is a magical place, and oh…..the food!! I found the perfect dumpling while living in Taiwan, it was shrimp and made on site by a wrinkly old woman!

  2. What a great blog! My parents are trying to aspire to be like you guys traveling around East Asia countries like Taiwan and Japan. I should get them to start a blog too haha. Anyway while you’re in South East Asia, do drop by Singapore! (That’s where I’m from). Plenty to eat and explore here too:)

  3. CONGRATS ON YOUR WELL EARNED “FREEDOM”! I’ve been all over Asia but never been to Malaysia, so looking forward to your new Malay discoveries and hope to get some great travel tips from you both! I only started blogging recently, but hope to post some pics of my ASIA travels soon – so you can perhaps draw some ideas as to where to wander next! Happy trails!

  4. Oh my lordy I must have been fated to come across you two…..not least for the fab blog and wonderful travelling photos….but I used to be a PA for a Duncan Ross in the NHS in the UK…..spooky! I had to do a double take when I saw this page!

  5. Enjoying your blog so much! Love the pictures and the way you write, stitching those experiences beautifully together! 🙂 Let me know if you have some plans to set foot in Indonesia again for some more island-hopping adventures or for experiencing the solitude of staying in a tropical forest’s compound surrounded by orangutans! ^^

  6. This sounds awesome! How long do you guys envisage your journeys taking? Or are you just travelling until you don’t want to travel anymore? We’re currently doing the last big stint of travel before we go home and do the babies/business things but hoping that on the other side we’ll be exactly back where you are now 🙂

    • Hi, we’re in the middle of a six month break from working in Sydney, I (Ross), had built up a bunch of long service and holiday time we had to use up, so here we are, at the other end of the work/babies thing to you, I hope you enjoy your own trip as much as we have enjoyed ours.

  7. Hi, I was sent this link by your son Sebastian who works for the same company as I do…I am not sure if I should admit it but I was the person that told him to apply…next time you are speaking with Seb ask him about the Thai Green Prawn Curry recipe that I gave the maintenance crew…(hence why he sent me this link) most of the crew love curries and from what I hear most of them will be trying it over the weekend.

    If you have any more Thai recipes I would love to see them as both my husband and I love Thai food and curries in general (my husband is a Pom) so that probably explains the love of curries!

    Take care and continue to enjoy your Asiadreaming


    • Hi Tricia, we’re both big Thai food fans as well, I’ll have a scrounge around and see if we can come up with a few more recipes for you. We enjoyed out time in Thailand and had some really wonderful food, some of the best straight off the little carts in the streets.

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