Random Indian photos of the day.

Yesterday we posted some of our first photos taken in India, black and white and a bit gloomy and moody.

It’s such a colorful place and not in the slightest bit gloomy so we’ve decided to put up a few shots in color today.

Enjoy the trip.

One of the cleaning ladies at the Amber Fort outside Jaipur. Looking very elegant and serene, we suspect she’s used to being photographed.

This old man found us very interesting and stood watching us for some time while we stood watching him for some time.

A quiet corner in the Amber fort.

Underneath a railway overpass in Agra a auto rickshaw came blasting past.

Another of the cleaning ladies at the Amber Fort, and again, we suspect she’s used to being photographed, the fort provides plenty of opportunity for great photography.

This little child didn’t seem to be helping much with the sale of her mothers beans, but she was pretty cute.

Time to catch up with some local gossip in the Jaipur markets.

It’s ferociously hot and blindingly bright in the main quadrangle of the Amber Fort. But the cleaning still has to be done.

Green chillies and bright sarees in the local market at Jaipur.

We came across this woman just hanging around the side streets in Jaipur, she had such a lovely smile.

They call this the “Baby Taj”. It’s the tomb of Itmad-ud-Daula and considered the draft for the Taj Mahal. How lucky were we with the rainbow.

The “swimming” pool at the Fatepur sikri, a fort midway between Agra and Jaipur had plenty of color, and provides plenty of fun for the local boys. Check out the boy jumping in on the right hand side.


All photos copyright Ross Duncan: rossduncan@mail.com



5 thoughts on “Random Indian photos of the day.

  1. I love the colours in these and the contrasts of colour (if that makes sense). Wow “Rosco” I hope you are planning a photography exhibition when you return! They are wonderful!!!

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