Random photos of the day.

There’s a very funny scene in an old Pink Panther movie starring Peter Sellers as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. You can find it on youtube here.

I was reminded of it while taking these photos yesterday, luckily I didn’t get to hear the punchline.    “Zat…..iz not my dog”.

Zat..iz not my dog 1

Zat..iz not my dog. 2

Zat..iz not my dog.3

Zat..iz not my dog. 4

Zat..iz not my dog. 5

Zat..iz not my dog. 6

Zat..iz not my dog. 7

Zat..iz not my dog. 8

Zat..iz not my dog. 9


All photos copyright Ross Duncan: rossduncan@mail.com



7 thoughts on “Random photos of the day.

  1. Ha ha! These are awesome! They look kinda dead or drugged or maybe just very heat exhausted… nails Thailand dogs 🙂 McSpanna

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