Some really random photos of the day.

It’s funny how photography can mirror your moods and feelings when you let it. We’re nearing the end of our South East Asian sojourn and our heads are starting to tilt towards home. Less thoughts about the amazing places around us and more about what lies ahead, we’ve begun to wind down, slowing up our daily activities and we seem quite content to drift around doing nothing much in particular. We don’t feel like tourists at all anymore and have stopped, without any discussion, going to any of the classic tourist sights, maybe we’re missing out on lots, I don’t know, but we’re still finding it fascinating just wandering the streets.

Here’s a few things that have caught my eye in Chiang Mai the past few days, perhaps not what the tourism bureau would like to see, but a slice of Chiang Mai none the less.

An afternoon near the hotel.

The wall around the old city.

I imagine it says “no parking”.

Two candles burning brightly on a footpath in the old city. I don’t know why, but there’s a story there somewhere.

After school fun.

Offside on the playing fields.

Witches hat behind the 7-11 on a hot afternoon.

A tuk-tuk trip at night.

She seemed a happy pachyderm.

Dinner is over.


All photos copyright Ross Duncan:



3 thoughts on “Some really random photos of the day.

  1. Awww … I’ve LOVED my trip around Asia with you – no more marvellous pics – sigh. Can you please continue using your camera once you get home ? you have such a good eye for the extraordinary buried in the ordinary. Please don’t stop!

    • Hi Alison,
      We’re really glad you have enjoyed the trip with us, sadly though it is coming to an end, I’d like to think that when we get home we would still be posting and shooting, ( or the other way around), but I fear the daily grind will get the better of us and before we know it months will have passed. You never know though, keep an eye on the blog and see what happens.

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