We arrived in Hoi An with the weather still against us, huge black clouds pushed across the sky by gusty winds are the order of the day.

The first night the heavens really open up and dump enough water to suggest the rumors swirling around the town of flooding may come true.

But by the next morning, it’s clear blue skys and a cheery sunrise over the old town, so cheery I hop out of bed nice and early and head into town to have a look around.

I’m ready to go but the little camera I have is refusing to play ball, each time it’s turned on the lens coats up with condensation, the temperature difference between the hotel room and the street is too much for it.

Rather than just wait around I started to take a few shots, just to see what they’d look like, some, I think, work out quite well.

As the camera started to warm up, the lens became a little clearer as each minute went by, here’s 20 minutes in old Hoi An.

A pair of old wooden boats tied up against the bridge into town.

A view down the river from one of the old bridges leading into town.

The old town is painted a vivid yellow.

A closed window set into the yellow wall of an old home.

Some little stools waiting for the first customers of the day.

Things to go with breakfast lined up on a table.

A couple of elderly locals out for their morning walk.

A couple of small dogs playing around on a porch.

Three air vents in a wall.

A blue shutter and a yellow wall on an old home in Hoi An.

Granny starts the day.

Waiting for breakfast.

By now the camera has regained it’s sense of balance and things are back to normal. Time to head back to the hotel for breakfast.


All photos copyright Ross Duncan:









4 thoughts on “Condensation.

    • Hi Lori, thanks for the comments there, it’s a wonderful old portside town in central Vietnam, lots of colorful buildings and plenty of life, a must do stop if you ever find yourself in these parts

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