Random photos of the day.

India, the mother of all travel destinations, if you haven’t seen it, you wouldn’t believe it.

Pre-Dawn at the Taj. We headed for a dawn viewing of the Taj from the river behind the main complex. It was a grey drizzly morning and I was a little disappointed, but I love this photo now that I have another look, it has an old world feel, kind of timeless and I’m now glad the weather wasn’t perfect. Who these women were we never found out, it was almost pitch black and they were just leaving as we arrived.

Midway between Agra and Jaipur is the ruined fort of Fatehpur Sikri. These two old guys seemed pretty happy with their lot, filling in the day perched on a ledge with a sharp drop outside.

The fort in Agra is totally overshadowed by it’s more famous next door neighbor. It is however one of the finest Moghul forts in all India and offers fantastic views of the Taj. We couldn’t believe our eyes when the clouds parted, the rain paused and the sun bounced off the white marble in the distance.

One of Delhi’s must see sights is the tomb of Mughul emperor Humayun. Built in the 16th century and still a gorgeous piece of architecture. His tomb has a filtered window that lights the room with a soft and gentle light, a very beautiful sight.

Much to the horror of our driver we insisted on stopping at a road side restaurant. He refused to eat anything, we ordered at random and get a fantastic spread of vegetarian soups, some breads, pakoras and other delicious Indian specialties.
The kitchen may have been rustic, but the food delicious.

Waiting for the road to clear and trying to read what was on the wall, this woman walked up, hitched her sari up and splashed through the puddle in front of us. We would have moved but she didn’t seem to mind. That’s India.

It’s a lovable mess.


All photos copyright Ross Duncan: rossduncan@mail.com







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