The best bar in the world.

Shhhhh, we’re going to let you in on a little secret, but first you must promise not to tell anyone, ever, it’ll get ruined if you do, you see, down a little dead-end street in Ao Nang, past a few massage huts, a couple a resorts and one or two little shops lies the “Last Fishermans Bar”. The best bar in the world.

The Last Fisherman Bar: entrance.

If you were to start from scratch and plan, in your mind, the perfect South East Asian bar, this would have to be close to the finished dream. Sure, it has plastic chairs and the design could best be described as haphazard, but it has a special kind of lazy beach-side charm. The kind of charm an interior designer would charge an arm and leg trying to recreate, and then still get it wrong, a bar like the Last Fisherman doesn’t get planned, it just happens.

The Last Fisherman Bar: view

Set along a strip of beach with views out to the distant Phi Phi Islands, it’s like some kind of left over set from a 1970’s beach bum movie. We’re half expecting Gidget and her surf loving mates to arrive at any moment, climb up from the beach and order a Tiki cocktail in a pineapple with an umbrella coming out of it.

The Last Fisherman Bar: waiting for the sunset.

There’s probably bars around with better views, or a bigger selection of beers, or on a better beach, or more attentive staff, but who cares, they are there, and we are here, and you can’t beat that.

The Last Fisherman Bar: Views

It’s after a long hard day of doing not much,  that this place starts to weave it’s magic, for us anyway, we’ve been the last few evenings for a couple of beers or a cocktail or two and loved it each time. The gentle breeze, the warm air off the ocean and the smell of roasting food wafting along the beach.

It’s a quirky little place, with old wooden swings in the trees and a few friendly local dogs who like to sit at your feet and keep watch over things.

The Last Fisherman Bar: Standing watch.

The Last Fisherman Bar: Cocktail Hour

The barman doesn’t wear shoes and plays his acoustic guitar between mixing up a pretty mean Margarita and the beers are cheap. The crowd is small and quiet and as the sun begins to set it’s a great spot to sit back and watch the views unfold across the beach.

The Last Fisherman Bar: Sunset.

The Last Fisherman Bar: Menu

The Last Fisherman Bar: view

The Last Fisherman Bar: Orders please.

The Last Fisherman Bar: For the swingers.

But the main reason we love it so much?

If anybody remembers the old sitcom “Cheers”, a TV show set in a Chicago bar, the theme song went a little like this,

“You wanna go where people know,
people are all the same,
You wanna go where everybody knows your name.”
Cheesey  it may be, but a hugely successful TV show it certainly was, however they always to get something wrong.
Unlike the song, we actually “wanna go where nobody knows your name”, and that makes the Last Fisherman one of the great bars of the world…just don’t tell anybody.
All photos copyright Ross Duncan:

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