Random photos of the day.

Back in George Town we haven’t done much this past two days, just a walk with our camera of an afternoon, taking in the sights and sounds of a typical George Town afternoon.

The Mahjong Club

Seagull dreamer

Taken with my Canon

Afternoon coffee

Butterworth Ferries.

Customers call me Mr Goh Kah Kee


9 thoughts on “Random photos of the day.

    • Hi there, thanks for the positive feedback, we appreciate it. We love your blog as well and are now planning our trip to India as well, fingers crossed we can arrange visa’s.

      • You’re welcome! India is amazing and perhaps the most crazy place I’ve been. I was only there a few days but it was enough to get a feel for it and make me long to go back. Would love to hike the Source of the Ganges, visit the beach and Kashmir (if it wasn’t so dangerous). The world is your oyster, right!

  1. from every moment you catch in Malaysia, is really make me “wow” since i seldom explore myself more to my country, but you photo really make me want to start my journey to explore every single piece environment !!

    • Hi Yenly, Thanks so much for your positive feedback, we’ve really enjoyed our exploration of Malaysia so far and hope we can inspire you to enjoy your own journey as well, cheers Ross

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