The Chew clan jetty

Of the many historic sites peppered around George Town, the Chew clan jetty is one of the more unique and interesting.

A hundred odd year old collection of wooden huts, all  built on stilts precariously over the water. Just a few hundred meters from the main commercial heart of the city, it’s a rabbit warren maze of dead end lanes and skinny little paths made of old planks.

And while there are a few funny little shops here and there, this is not a tourist spot, it’s real people, living in real homes, with temples and washing and stray cats all adding an extra authentic flavor.

When the jetties were built everybody who lived on them had the same last name because they all came from the same Chinese fishing village.

Many jetties used to line the waterfront of George Town but development has meant many have now gone, leaving the Chew family jetty the oldest and largest left.

Chew Jetty Penang

Chew Jetty Penang

Chew Jetty Penang

Chew Jetty Penang

Chew Jetty Penang

Chew Jetty Penang

Chew Jetty, Penang

Chew Jetty, Penang



8 thoughts on “The Chew clan jetty

  1. The world is so rich in beauty and flavor. It makes me sad that so many people would rather watch TV. You are capturing more beauty in one pic, than some people see in a year. Keep living the dream!

  2. I’m a Chew too! But unfortunately my ancestors did not hail from Penang. Anyway keep up the posts about Penang it’s fantastic! I might be planning a trip up there sometime soon. I’ve been to Penang several times but have never experienced it like you guys have:)

  3. Bring on the food! The corridors seem to wind off into invitations, though I have no idea to quite what, other than it’s unlike anyplace else I can imagine. Hardly your typical tourist destination. Thanks!

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