Shopping with the locals

We’ve been picking up some of our daily supplies from the local supermarket, it’s handy and easy, but not something we’d recommend, one supermarket is pretty much like any other supermarket no matter where you are, we could have stayed home and gone to the supermarket!

So today, craving a bit of fresh home cooked goodness, we paid a visit to the local market, just around the corner and open early every day, the earlier the better as it turns out, the sun gets pretty hot, pretty quickly.

I yam what I yam

There’s lots of strange and exotic fruits and vegetables on display, lots with prices attached, and that helps, nothing like knowing you’re paying the same as the locals and not being ripped off as the token round-eye in the market.

Rambutan’s at 4 Ringgits a kilo

We didn’t have anything particular in mind, just some fresh fruit to whip up a tropical fruit salad or two for lunch and breakfast.

Lots of the fruits are a complete mystery, not only what they are, but how to prepare them.

But tucked in amongst the Dragon-Fruits and other weird looking things, we find plenty of old favorites.

Annie checks out the selection

Surprisingly, a lot of the fruit has been shipped in from abroad, Kiwi Fruit, pears and plums in particular, the stall holders very proud they have them and very keen we purchase some from them, we declined and tried to stick to the local produce as much as possible.

Durian packs

Except for the Durian, after yesterday’s experience, once bitten twice shy and all that.

There’s plenty of choice, the market spreading over two or three blocks, everybody competing with their neighbor to offer the freshest, cheapest or tastiest available.

Local fish, fresh off the boats

There seems to be very little refrigeration, and the meats are just out there in the open air, waiting to be bought, taken home and cooked, strange for us westerners but I guess it works if it’s fresh, fast, cooked and eaten.

Chicken giblets anyone

In the end we collect enough goodies for the next few days, watermelon, mangoes, tomatoes, mangosteen and apples.

The mangoes are the hit so far, ripe to the point of splitting and dripping with juice, we tear into them as soon as we get home.

Mangoes and Dragon-fruit.

Shopping with the locals

So we’re pretty happy with the local market, embarrassingly we didn’t realize it was so close by until the other day, we’ll make up for that though and head back pretty soon.


3 thoughts on “Shopping with the locals

  1. Great read! Only regret is that we are not there with you both to explore the markets and talk recipes! Have fun, photos
    are great! L&N xox

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