Street art .2

The other day while out and about we noticed a striking looking red door cut into an old wall. lots of character and covered in a great patina.

I posted a shot of the door in a random photo of the day.

Well, we walked past it again yesterday, and it seems we weren’t the only ones taken with it, as part of the George Town festival, which is on now, it’s been turned into a striking bit of street art.

The boy is painted onto the door, the motor-cycle is propped up in front.

George Town street art

Penang red door

It’s part of a series around town by artist Ernest Zacharevic, there will be twenty by the time he’s finished

Ernest Zacharevic work in Penang




145 thoughts on “Street art .2

  1. I loved the art in George Town when I was there last year – Penang itself was one of my favourite places in Malaysia, I just walked and took pictures and walked some more. Enjoy.

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  3. Hi Asia Dreaming!
    Thanks for posting about Mirrors George Town! great to see people reacting so positively to all the murals. However, Ernest will only be completing 6-10 murals as part of Mirrors George Town for the George Town Festival, depending on the walls that he is able to get permission for.

    There is another Mural on Muntri Street (on the wall of MoonTree Hotel) and the latest on Cannon street, just off Armenian st – should definitely catch those πŸ™‚


  4. AsiaDreaming, this proves creativity is the spice of life. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing the before and after. I love the way the artist subtly combines whimsy and emotion to inspire and attract passersby. //mm

  5. The emotions captured through this street art is so overwhelming. The simple and innocent joy that can only be found in children. And the use of installation again a very magnificent idea!

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  7. Reblogged this on TonetElite and commented:
    WOW! I can’t help but laugh with delight as I feature my eyes on these images of street art in George Town. It is funny and witty brings character and life to the surrounding area. It has definitely put a great big smile on my face and I can’t help but share this with you all.
    Visionary TonetElite- Seeing Beyond The Here & Now

    • Hi there,
      Sadly we haven’t moved on a permanent basis to this most interesting part of the world, we have a six month break from work etc and decided to head off into the wide world and see what we can see.

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