Grannies Restaurant

There’s a delightful little restaurant on Cintra Street, a street nearby us, called De Tai Tong, we stumbled onto it about the second or third day in Penang.

We’d first spotted it just after we’d eaten someplace else and lamented we hadn’t seen it first. It would have been our first pick for sure.

What caught our attention on that night, was the sight of several elderly ladies pushing Dim Sum carts around the open aired front of the restaurant, offering up all kinds of yummy looking delicacies.

We decided there and then to go back the next day for lunch.

De Tai Tong grannies

Sadly for us, what we didn’t know was that the dim sum selection was only for breakfast or dinner, lunch is ordered straight off the menu.

“No dim sum, kitchen close”

Deflated we sit back and take in this disappointing news. Suddenly, we find ourselves surrounded, about 5 or 6 of the ladies all take a personal interest in our ordering, they’re offering up suggestions, arguing amongst themselves about which chicken dish is best, what tea to order, how many courses we should have.

Chicken, two ways.

So, with their expert help, we settle on a fried chicken with ginger dish, and a stir fry with more chicken and some vegetables. Both nice, both fresh, both well done, both eaten all up, but neither of them are dim sum.

Writing up the bill

During a nice long lunch, where we find out all about the friends and family of the grandmas, their Australian relatives, how many bedrooms their children have, what kind of scooters they ride and how many hours they work, we retire gracefully and plan on dim sum for dinner.

Dim Sum grannie

Now while lunch was a quite affair, with not more than three or four tables, dinner is an altogether different kettle of steamed pork ribs.

The place is jumping and the grannies ( who are still there working) are earning their money.

Dim Sum at De Tai Tong

All manner of steamed, fried and poached things come wheeling by on the old metal pushcarts, dumplings, fish balls, pork ribs, buns and desserts.

De Tai Tong pleasures

We seem to be the only non-local table, but that doesn’t hold us back, we dig in and try as much as we can squeeze in, somethings we’re not really sure what they are, something with pork and red beans in a dumpling?, sure, some kind of weird minced thing with mushrooms, why not, it’s all good.

” You want more?, I bring more”.

Some of the grannies may be old, but they sure work hard, and they know their stuff, just one work of warning though, if you keep your feet in the corridor, they’ll run right over them with those trolleys, so watch out.

Dim sum delights

Finally full, and ready to head off into the night, sated and happy,  the cost ?, with beers, it works out to a princely 62 Ringgit, or a tad over 20$, now that’s what we call good value.





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