A night at Tek Sen

One of the hopes that we had for Penang was to find a local “hole in the wall” restaurant nearby, a local, a place to drop into three or four times a week, a place where you know the staff, the menu, what you like and how you like it.

Well, we’re not sure if Tek Sen fills all those roles, we couldn’t ever get to know the menu, it’s overwhelmingly huge, the staff will probably never know us, (we all look the same), and we may not end up going three or four times a week, but it’s pretty close.

Tek Sen Restaurant

A double fronted shop-house packed with, mainly, local families and friends gorging themselves on some of the best local specialties Penang has to offer. It’s no locals only joint though, in fact it’s the number one choice for restaurants on TripAdvisor.com.

Tek Sen kitchen

We tried the caramelized double-cooked roast pork belly, a special of roast beetroot and pork knuckle soup, chicken with ginger, chilli and shallots, and a stir-fried green bean with mince pork and dried prawns.

The soup came out rich and dark, and with apparently great healing properties, what they healed we’re not sure, but we sure felt good the next morning!.

Local’s enjoying Tek Sen

We’ve only skimmed the surface with this first visit, but look out Tek Sen, we’ll be back before long, rubbing shoulders with the locals and digging into some great Malaysian food.

Will it be stingray curry or perhaps the pig trotters in vinegar.

Pork, Chicken, Beer and soup

No chicken, no pork, no soup, no worries


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