A jazzy night out

Keeping Princess happy means keeping an eye out for live music, so, dinner last night was a hit, the amazing Chinahouse venue in downtown George Town.

A traditional compound of three heritage buildings, spread between two street frontages.

ChinaHouse interior

The buildings have been converted into 14 different spaces, including, a fine dining restaurant, a canteen, a bakery, a reading room, a wine bar, an open air courtyard with pool, various art gallery spaces and a jazz bar out the back.

A frozen margarita to start

It’s a great spot, lots of locals and ex-pats mixing it up together, kids running through the place and families enjoying a night out.

After our mod-asia fusion dinner, we headed out to the jazz bar to catch the local five piece groovers. Some confusion at first, when we sat ourselves by the pool wondering when the band was going to set up, but all worked out when we realized the building continued for some distance yet.

Where’s the band?

And one happy princess from then on, frozen margaritas and jazz, what more could a princess ask for. (except for a no-smoking policy).

ChinaHouse Jazz band



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