A new day, a new town and a new meal

So it’s our first morning in Penang, and we set out to try and get our heads around where we are in the city.

Luckily, the free shuttle bus has a stop right by our door, we hop straight on and jump off down near the port. Intending to explore the waterfront area first.

We weren’t feeling particularly hungry, we’d only just had breakfast after all, but when we wandered into the Sri Weld food court and spy a sign that lets us know we’re in the presence of a master, what could we do!

Worth boasting about, Penang champion

We don’t often get to eat at the stall of a crowned champion, so we sit right down, order up two of the house specials and tuck right in.

“Mee” means noodles, and “Goreng” means “fried”, so this dish is simply “fried noodles”.

The food of champions

Although what appears from the little stall is so much more than fried noodles.

Rich, sweet, dark tomato gravy, peppered with two types of tofu, dried prawns, lime juice, chillies, potato, capsicums and fried garlic, all tossed through thin yellow noodles, pungent, spicy and beautiful.

Mee Goreng gone

We’ve only had the one Mee Goreng in Penang, but if any of the others can stand up to the quality of Mr Seeni Mohamed’s little stall, we’re in for some treats.

Seeni won the title after a five day cook-off between Penang street food vendors, and can now proudly lay claim to the title “Champion top hawker, Mee Goreng”.

Well done.


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