The Bangkok snake farm

On a whim we decided to visit the Bangkok snake farm, weirdly, or appropriately, situated inside a hospital, I guess if you must keep a collection of venomous reptiles, a hospital is the best place.

We were a bit worried it would be exploitative to the animals, ( snakes riding unicycles!), thankfully, it’s more a mix of research station, educational facility and medical facility, they milk the snakes for venom to provide serum and to study.

First stop, a cage with the pretty cool claim, ” The worlds longest venomous snake, The King Cobra.

Not surprisingly the cage is triple depth wire, ideal for stopping Cobra strikes, after spending some minutes searching the ground without spotting a thing,we were about to give up and move on, as small rustling at eye level caught our eye as we were turning to leave,

The King Cobra

and there, about two hand spans away, curled up in a tree, about a dozen King Cobras.

Who would have thought they live in trees!

The center has a number a outdoor cages and concrete pits, snakes from all over the Asian region on display, in trees, in water, curled up on rocks, and hiding under stumps.

The outdoor display at the snake farm

But, surprisingly, the most impressive part of the facility is the indoor “snakeatorium”.

Dozens of individual displays, snakes from all over the world, all tagged up with how venomous, where they lived, how large they grow, a really good exhibit, and thankfully, it seems as if the animals are looked after, to the extent there was even a few live rodents scampering around inside some of the displays, mmmm snake dinner….Ahhh nature, ya gotta love it.

Inside the ” Snakeatorium”. ( I made that word up).

And one last shot for the reptile lovers.

Who’s looking at you kid


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