Bangkok’s best duck noodle soup

Is it Bangkok’s best duck noodle soup? we’ll, maybe not, who could tell, we haven’t had that many to compare, but this little bowl of noodle slurping goodness must sit right up with the best of them.

Tucked away down a little dead-end lane deep inside the Larai Sap market near the Chong Nonsi sky-train stop is this little plainly decorated restaurant, it’s all plastic chairs, tin tables, chipped tile floor and slowly rotating ceiling fans.

Rice or noodle duck restaurant

If you find yourself nearby, ignore the look of the place, it’s all about the duck here, the restaurant is called Khao na ped ba mee, which apparently means ” rice or egg noodle with duck”.

There’s no sign of an English menu, or a Thai one for that matter, just a list tacked to the wall, but with the front of the restaurant proudly displaying roast ducks, it’s a fair chance they specialize in one of Bangkok’s finest street foods.

There’s your menu

Pointing at a duck and miming a soup bowl seemed to do the trick, in about three minutes our soup arrives.

A soft, almost chicken stock like broth swimming with coriander and Chinese greens half fill the bowl, just covering the slippery hand made wheat-egg noodles, the real star, the beautiful roasted duck breast, balancing on top.

Eight or ten firm, fragrant, succulent strips of perfectly cooked duck, glistening with juice and marrying the delicate broth beautifully.

Noodle soup heaven

There was nothing wrong with that

The soup appears to be the number one dish on the menu, but they also do take-away for the hungry office workers, bundles of steamed rice with more of that succulent duck perched on top.

Fast food Bangkok style

We timed our visit to miss the chaos of the lunch time crowds from the nearby office blocks and got there at 11.30, still early for lunch,  but well worth the effort and very farang friendly.

The restaurant from the street


One thought on “Bangkok’s best duck noodle soup

  1. Hi, I’m originally from Bangkok. And I think I’ve even been to this very place too.
    The way you emptied the bowl shows how good the noodle was!

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