A night with Bangkok Food Tours

While on a quick visit to Bangkok I booked myself onto a guided food tour of Chinatown.

There was only 5 of us on the tour, I felt that was pretty ideal though, any more and it would have been too busy, not to mention difficult to get seats at some of the small restaurants and stalls we visited.

We started with a quick look at one of the big temples in Chinatown then straight into it, an all night yum-cha joint.

From there we bounced around the busy streets, following our guide as he led us to lots of little out of the way stalls and hole in the wall joints

I’m sure we all enjoyed ourselves, getting a real feel for the little back streets and noodle stalls that Bangkok has on offer. Lots of tasty small dishes and seafood to start with then into the hard-core stuff, spicy pepper soup, durian ice-cream and ducks beaks to finish off, I’d highly recommend doing this trip if you’re ever in Bangkok, check them out at their web site.


Bird’s nest soup anyone

Bangkok by night

Some of the delicious dishes we tried

One of the scenes on the night tour




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