A couple of nights at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

One of our dreams, and in fact the main reason, for visiting Penang in the first place was to stay in this old mansion.

A heritage listed former private home, now running as a boutique hotel.  Lovingly restored back to its former glory it is now famous for its ambiance and style.

We stayed in the Hakka room on the first floor, the mansion has 38 rooms, ours was described as a deluxe double,  but there’s nothing really deluxe about it, just a pretty straightforward double room with a private bathroom.

The rest of the mansion, dubbed “The Blue Mansion” by the locals, makes up for the pretty ordinary room though.

As a resident, you’re encouraged to take their guided tour of the building, tracing the history and restoration, there’s even a bit about the movies that have been filmed here.

It’s nicely placed in the town itself, right next door to a food court ( a bit noisy at night though) and walking distance to most attractions in George Town itself.

We especially loved the internal courtyard, protecting the residents from heat and rain and prying eyes.

The breakfast room on the ground floor

Views of the mansion

Annie negotiating the spiral stairs

A quiet corner on the ground floor

Annie in the beautiful internal courtyard and checking out the view from one of the verandah’s

The external walls of the mansion are painted a vivid blue


2 thoughts on “A couple of nights at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

  1. Oh to see some of these stunning colours used on houses in Australia, instead of the “trendy” battle ship grey.

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